Combining IWHS LipoMicB with Emsculp Neo you can Jumpstart your weight loss and eliminate stubborn fat while building muscle.

Whenever you’re facing a big challenge in life or a personal goal you want to achieve, it’s not always easy to know how or where to begin. Sometimes you need a positive boost to jumpstart your efforts and motivate you to keep going.

The same can be said for losing weight. When you get positive results and a kickstart toward a healthier, slimmer you, it’s often the motivation you need to keep going until you achieve your ultimate goal of losing 10, 20, 30 pounds or more.

Dr. Pattamakom and staff provide IWHS LipoMicB injections for the boost you need to get off on the right foot with your weight-loss program. IWHS LipoMicB injections help your body release and burn more fat

Losing weight can feel like a daunting task — especially if you don’t know how to begin. Lipotropic injections are designed to help your body release stored fat and speed up your metabolism so you can burn fat faster than usual.

IWHS LipoMicB injections are packed with substances that benefit your overall health and well-being, including:

  • Methionine, an amino acid that helps your body process fat through your liver
  • Inositol, which supports metabolism and reduces cholesterol
  • Choline, a nutrient that helps redistribute cholesterol so it doesn’t build up in your system
  • Vitamin B12, an essential vitamin that works with your metabolism, helps detoxify your body, and boosts energy levels

Each of these nutrients are beneficial on their own, but combined into a single injection, they intensify each other’s effects and optimize your metabolism in multiple ways.

IWHS LipoMicB injections help release fat in those hard-to-lose areas

Nearly everyone has them — those troublesome areas of fat that are oh-so-difficult to lose. Lipotropic injections can help you release fat deposits in some of these areas, including your:

  • Belly
  • Inner thighs
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Double chin

These injections in combination with EmSculpt Neo are available to help you feel and look your best in as little as 1 treatment.